“I enthusiastically endorse VocalFi and its staff for their attention to detail and user friendly platform. From my first inquiry to my first Telephone Town Hall event, the VocalFi staff were amazing partners. Their willingness to collaborate and customize a package to my needs made my event an overwhelming success and will definitely have me use VocalFi again in the very near future.”

Christian Rhodes
Maryland State Education Association

“The results from our first Telephone Town Hall event were far beyond our expectations – we had more callers and more direct interaction than we were expecting. The interface worked great and was easy for our team to use. Everyone involved agrees it was a big win.”

Mike Herzing, Director
Bob Caton, Manager, Broadcast and Social Media Services
Pennsylvania House Democratic Legislative Communications Office

“Over the course of six days in July of 2010, my campaign for Governor of Georgia reached more than 350,000 Democratic households through a series of eight telephone town hall events. When we initially discussed this new outreach approach, I was frankly skeptical that large numbers of voters would stay on the line to talk about politics. However, my doubts were erased by the results of our events,as 2/3rds of those who answered my call in-person stayed on as participants.

It’s hard to describe the feeling – and the impact – of being in 159,492 homes across the largest state east of the Mississippi without ever leaving the office! These events proved, once again, the validity of the democratic form of government. I was struck by the intelligent, thoughtful, and sincere questions and comments coming from our targeted voters.

Bottom line, I highly recommend VocalFi’s telephone town hall events as a terrific voter engagement tool!”

Lt. General (Ret.) David B. Poythress
2010 Democratic Candidate for Governor of Georgia
Former Commander of the Georgia Army and Air National Guard

“The VocalFi Event allowed us to connect, inform and listen to our 39k Household Membership database in one broad stroke!  It was truly amazing!”

Marcus E. Margerum, Vice President of Marketing & Sales
Zoo Atlanta

“As a 2010 candidate for Georgia’s Labor Commissioner, I needed to find a cost effective way to reach as many voters as possible in one sitting and have it be inactive as well. The solution for my campaign was VocalFi. It was a perfect tool for creating a virtual town hall meeting that allowed voters to sit in the comfort of their home and hear my views and then participate in a question and answer session. I would definitely recommend this tool for candidates looking to minimize cost and enhance their ability to reach voters.”

Darryl Hicks
Democratic Nominee of State Labor Commissioner

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